Grand Lodge of New York
Surviving Spouses and
Loved Ones Program

July 2008

Dear Worshipful Master:

All Grand Masters have definite goals that we hope to attain during our term of office. One that we hope to pursue is the Surviving Spouses and Loved Ones Program. Details of that plan are now available from the office of the Grand Secretary, the preliminary acceptance of this plan is both heartwarming and rewarding.

With that thought in mind, I ask the following personal favor of each individual lodge. Specifically, please compile a list of all known Masonic Widows (hereafter referred to as) Surviving Spouses residing within your community. Then write a personal handwritten Holiday note to each Surviving Spouse prior to the date of the Holiday. (Delegate this job to various members of your Lodge, then follow up for compliance). Utilize as many brothers as necessary; our intent is to involve as many brothers as possible. As a suggestion, if penmanship is a problem, you may want to consider seeking out the help of our memberís wives. If you are concerned about budgetary constraints, you can utilize inexpensive paper and envelopes. It is the personal touch that is important. If several persons are involved, sign the note: Lodge No. 0000 , Surviving Spouses Team.

Freemasons in general, and especially Masons in New York State have always been known to rally behind a good cause. When given the correct tools, proper leadership and the right motivation, Masons in New York State will triumph to the call for aid and assistance of family members and others in need.

Let's meet the challenge and become fully involved in our Surviving Spouses and Loved Ones Program. Show me that my faith in New York Masons is not just an idle dream; reassurance is a vital factor. I'm depending on you my brothers.

Fraternally and sincerely,

Edward G. Gilbert
Grand Master