Individual Development Course (iDC) registration now open!

TO: Officers and Brethren of this Grand Jurisdiction

We again sincerely thank our Grand Master, M.'.W.'. Edward G. Gilbert for his permission to continue the iDC Program.

The 2008-2009 fourth iDC Course can be held at anytime (i.e., Saturday, Sunday, two weekday nights, etc.) and can begin at anytime at the discretion of the Site Coordinator, training team and trainees.

There are no longer any time constraints between sessions (i.e., one month in the past). Based on the learning/skill level of the students, the interval between sessions may vary from three to five or six weeks. As the course progresses the period between sessions maybe extended.

The only caveats are: (1) the curriculum (everyone must do their homework) and material have to be covered at each session no shortcuts; and (2) Facilitators and Site Coordinators must have been or will be trained by the State Executive TEAM trainers no exceptions unless cleared with the State Executive Chairman.

Download the program brochure and registration form below: