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Distinguished Achievement Award

?The Grand Lodge Rules of Order state that there shall be “A Committee on Grand Lodge Awards for Distinguished Achievement. Its duties shall be to investigate and recommend to the Grand Master the award of the Grand Lodge Medal for Distinguished Achievement to such members of the Fraternity as shall have achieved distinction in some field of endeavor beneficial to humanity.”

The Committee was originally known as the Committee on Grand Lodge Awards, having been established in 1934 for the purpose of recommending the award of a medal to a Mason whose contribution to some for of artistic as mentioned above. The first chairman was Marshall F. Kernochan, who served as such from 1934 to 1945. Originally the presentations were made in Grand Lodge at the Annual Communications, but for many years they have been made at the Grand Master’s Dinner.

This is the oldest of the several awards now being presented by our Grand Lodge, and is the most prestigious of all. The 49 awards that have been made since 1934 cover a broad field of human endeavor, including the arts, the military, business, medicine, law, religion, sports entertainment, exploration, and government. Many of the names of the honorees are extremely well known, whereas others have distinguished themselves in specialized fields. All of them bring honor to Masonry by their accomplishments. We can be proud to have men of such great stature serving in the Craft.

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The Charles Henry Johnson Medal

The Charles Henry Johnson Medal was created at the Annual Communication of Grand Lodge in 1951. It was named in memory of our Past Grand Master and Grand Secretary “who gave his all in furtherance of our ideals, and whose contribution to Freemasonry throughout the world stands as a monument of unselfish service to, and love of, his fellowmen.” The Medal is awarded by the Grand Master to members of the Fraternity in good standing in this or any other Jurisdiction, irrespective of rank or title, who have rendered distinguished or unusual service in furthering the good name of the Craft, its principles and purposes.

The first award of this medal was to Senior Past Grand Master Townsend Schudder, who had by then rendered 63 years of exemplary service to our Grand Lodge.

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? The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Medal

?This award, first granted in 1974 by Grand Master Lloyd S. Cochran, goes to those who have earned it through their accomplishments in literary work for the Fraternity. They have used the written word as a means of advancing Masonry and enhancing its reputation, among members and with all mankind.

It honors the memory of Chancellor Robert R. Livingston, who was Grand Master from 1784 to 1801. It was he who established complete independence and state-wide jurisdiction for our Grand Lodge. Among his many distinguished services to the state and to the nation was his administering the oath of office to President George Washington on April 30, 1789.

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The Wendell K. Walker Medal


Throughout the long history of our Craft, there have been various bands of workmen laboring in the quarries of Freemasonry. During those years a number of fine men have emerged as extraordinary in their devotion to the principles of our Order, and through conscious effort and untiring work, have helped to shape others into those smooth stones fit for inclusion in the Celestial Lodge above.

These men are correctly identified as Master Builders in their Craft. In recognition of these Masons who have and continue to work as Master Builders, the Wendell K. Walker Award has been created.


Since 1993, those selected for the Wendell K. Walker Award have been...

...recognized as understanding and exhibiting an unselfish commitment to the ideals and principles of Freemasonry.

...recognized as one who is always available to support his Brothers in understanding the value of living his life by those principles and ideals.

...the Brother who stands out among his fellows as a true “Builder of Men” and who is often seen as a “mentor”.

...actively involved in Freemasonry, and continually lending support to those around him.

...actuated by a deep and abiding love for the Craft, as demonstrated by his thorough knowledge of the tenets of the institution.

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?The Grand Master’s Certificate of Appreciation

?The name of this award aptly expresses its purpose. It is presented to those who have rendered outstanding service to the Craft in various Grand Lodge positions, or in some particular effort on behalf of Masonry.

It was first presented by Grand Master Charles F. Gosnell in 1970, with the awards going to five eminent members of the Craft.